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Business consulting, tax preparation & more... 

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From 1099 Filing, Bookkeeping, Payroll, QuickBooks Setup, Startup Consulting, Tax Preparation, Business to Technology Advisory. Hablamos Español. We are experienced, IRS registered tax preparer, QuickBooks and Gusto payroll certified. We are also IRS authorized e-file and we're ready to take care of you.

What we offer:

Affordable, reliable and we take privacy very serious.

  • Accounting & bookkeeping

    Our tacks include, but not limited to; monthly financials, bank reconciliation and recordkeeping management.

  • Business consulting

    Entity selection and structure (S-Corp, C-Corp, LLC), insurance referral, business decisions, business and technology consulting.

  • Payroll services

    Add, Changes in salary, benefits, deductions and so on, set up direct deposit, setup and process third-party withholding such as child support and health benefits,.

  • Individual tax preparation

    We make the process easy come tax time. Individual tax Return (1040,1040A, OR 1040EZ), schedule C sole proprietor & self-employed.

  • Business tax preparation

    We will prepare your LLC with Part D, corporate tax return and state income tax return.

  • Business planning & advisory

    Avoid surprises at tax prep time, but instead align your short and long-term goals with business strategies to help you reach those goals. 

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We are professional, dedicated and care about you and your business.


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We offer 1099 filing, book cleanup, bookkeeping, business Decisions, insurance referral, payroll processing, QuickBooks consulting, QuickBooks payroll, QuickBooks setup, startup consulting, tax returns preparation, business planning & advisory and Technology Consulting.

Industry we serve

From automotive repair, computer/software, construction/contractors, consulting, hospitality, insurance/brokerage, lawn care/landscaping, property management, real estate/developer, retail, salon/beauty, telecommunications and transportation.

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Why necessary to have a business consulting professional?

We have you covered

Business consulting professionals play a crucial role in helping organizations achieve their goals, navigate challenges, and optimize their operations. Here are some reasons why hiring a business consulting professional can be necessary:

  1. Expertise and Specialization: Business consultants bring specialized knowledge and expertise in various areas such as strategy, operations, finance, marketing, technology, and more. They stay updated with industry trends and best practices, providing valuable insights that can help businesses make informed decisions.

  2. Objective Perspective: Consultants provide an unbiased and objective view of your business. They can identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that might not be apparent to those within the organization. This external perspective can lead to innovative solutions and strategic adjustments.

  3. Problem Solving: Consultants are skilled problem solvers. They analyze complex issues, break them down into manageable components, and develop actionable strategies to address them. They can help organizations overcome challenges and obstacles more efficiently.

  4. Cost Savings: While hiring a consultant comes with a cost, their expertise can lead to cost savings in the long run. They can help streamline processes, identify inefficiencies, and recommend improvements that can result in higher productivity and reduced expenses.

  5. Time Efficiency: Consultants can accelerate decision-making processes and project implementations. Their experience allows them to quickly assess situations, develop plans, and execute strategies, saving time for the organization.

  6. Access to Networks: Business consultants often have extensive networks within their industry. They can connect your business with relevant partners, suppliers, or clients, opening up new opportunities for growth and collaboration.

  7. Change Management: Introducing significant changes within an organization can be challenging. Consultants are skilled in change management and can guide the transition process, ensuring that changes are effectively communicated and adopted by the team.

  8. Skill Enhancement: Consultants can transfer their knowledge and skills to your team, empowering your employees with new tools and techniques. This can contribute to the long-term growth and development of your organization.

  9. Market Insights: Business consultants stay informed about market trends, customer preferences, and competitive landscapes. They can help your business stay relevant and competitive by adapting strategies to match market demands.

  10. Customized Solutions: Consultants tailor their approaches to your specific business needs and goals. They provide customized solutions that align with your organization's unique challenges and opportunities.

  11. Crisis Management: During times of crisis or uncertainty, consultants can provide valuable guidance and support. They can help businesses navigate challenges such as economic downturns, industry disruptions, or unforeseen events.

  12. Strategic Planning: Consultants assist in developing clear and effective business strategies. They help define goals, set priorities, and create actionable plans to achieve long-term success.

In summary, business consulting professionals bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, and skills that can significantly benefit your organization. Whether you need help with strategic planning, operational improvements, problem-solving, or navigating changes, hiring a business consultant can provide valuable insights and contribute to your business's growth and success. 

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