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Bookkeeping plans

If your looking for fair pricing, punctual, accurate, great communicating professional then look anywhere else.



Main key features
  • (Up to 25 transactions per month)
  • Free QuickBooks self-employed app
  • 2 hours per month client support via (Email/phone)



Main key features
  • (Up to 55 transactions per month)
  • Bank reconciliation (1 checking, 1 saving, 1 PayPal), credit card reconciliation (up to 1 Account)
  • Free QuickBooks online account
  • Monthly financial reports
  • 4 hours per month client support via (Email/phone & virtual)



Main key features
  • (Up to 95 transactions per month)
  • Bank reconciliation (2 checking, 1 saving, 1 PayPal), credit card reconciliation (Up to 2 accounts)
  • Free QuickBooks online account
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Accounts receivable & payable tracking
  • 8 hours per month client support via (Email/phone & virtual)



Main key features
  • (Up to 400 transactions per month)
  • Bank reconciliation (4 checking, 2 saving, 1 PayPal), credit card reconciliation (Up to 2 accounts)
  • Free QuickBooks online account
  • Accounts payable (up to 20)
  • Account receivables (up to 20)
  • Monthly financial reports (prepare balance sheet & profit & loss statement)
  • 1099s tracking
  • Unlimited client support via (Email/phone & virtual)

What do you know about payroll and bookkeeping?

Learn more with us

Payroll taxes and bookkeeping taxes are typically prepared and managed by different individuals or roles within a business or organization. Let's break down each type of tax and who is responsible for their preparation: 

  1. Payroll Taxes: Payroll taxes are taxes that employers are required to withhold from their employees' paychecks and then remit to the appropriate tax authorities. These taxes fund various government programs, such as the Federal and State agencies such as Social Security, Medicare, and unemployment insurance. The responsibility for preparing and managing payroll taxes generally falls under the purview of the company's payroll department or a designated payroll specialist that process payrolls.

    The tasks involved in preparing payroll taxes may include calculating employee withholdings, including income tax, Social Security tax, and Medicare tax, based on employee earnings and tax status. Employers are also responsible for contributing their share of Social Security and Medicare taxes on behalf of their employees.

    In some cases, businesses may choose to outsource their payroll processing to third-party payroll service providers, who then handle the calculation, withholding, and remittance of payroll taxes.

  2. Bookkeeping Taxes: Bookkeeping taxes refer to the various taxes that a business is required to report and pay based on their financial transactions and records. This includes taxes such as income tax, sales tax, and business property tax. Bookkeeping taxes are managed by the company's accounting and bookkeeping department or by an external accountant or accounting firm.

    The tasks involved in preparing bookkeeping taxes include maintaining accurate financial records, categorizing income and expenses, calculating tax liabilities, preparing financial statements, and filing tax returns. Businesses need to keep meticulous records of their financial activities to ensure accurate reporting and compliance with tax laws.

    Depending on the complexity of a business's financial activities and the tax regulations applicable to their industry and location, they may need to work with accountants, tax consultants, or tax software to ensure accurate and timely tax preparation and filing.

It's important for businesses to have a clear understanding of their responsibilities for both payroll and bookkeeping taxes to ensure compliance with tax laws and regulations. In many cases, seeking professional guidance from accountants, tax experts, or legal advisors can help businesses navigate the complexities of tax preparation and reporting. There are other resources where you can learn more about federal and state governments agencies, time tracking, tax state agency, small businesses and technology mobile app. 

Individual tax preparation plans

Forms 1040,1040 EZ & 1041 - only W2 and K and includes: schedules C, D, E & protection plus audit assistance, and Id theft restoration.

Tax prep 1


Main key features
  • Up to one (1) W2 with 0 dependent

Tax prep 2


Main key features
  • Up to two (2) W2 with 0 dependent

Tax prep 3


Main key features
  • Up to two (2) W2, 1099s, with 0 dependent

Tax prep 4


Main key features
  • Up to two (2) W2, 1099s & dependents

Payroll processing plans

Very simple, we will set up your payroll and process it for you.


For single owners


Main key features
  • Up to 2 employees, bi-weekly

  • New hire W-2 processing and reporting

  • Fee Electronic emailing reports and pay stubs
  • Professional support and customer service


For SMBs


Everything in Basic:
  • Up to 5 employees, bi-weekly

  • Terminations & filing 1099’s
  • Weekly, biweekly and monthly payroll processing
  • Setup and process third-party withholding such as child support, insurance and health benefits

  • Setup and process third-party withholding such as child support, insurance and health benefits


For all business types/owners


Tell us what you want:
  • Accounts Payable

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Prepare form 1099 Misc. at year end
  • Tacking & filing all local and state sales tax
  • Tacking & filing all local and state sales tax
  • Unlimited client support (Email, phone & virtual)

Startup and SMBs consulting plans

Get incorporated, we’ll make sure you stay in compliance with your LLC & tax obligations while avoiding penalties and fines.


For everyone

$399/4 months

Some key features
  • Scheduled virtual/phone conference call
  • Business reports assistance
  • Provide insight into results
  • Budgeting and forecasting assistance


For entrepreneurs

$799/7 months

Everything in Starter:
  • Assistance with changes in the LLC, appointment of the resident agent and other changes that are necessary
  • Local business license assistance and permits
  • Contract management assistance
  • Payroll processing and sales tax assistance


For all business types/owners

$1,675/13 months

Everything in Pro, plus:
  • Support with quarterly financials, quarterly reconciliation, expense management, records management, payroll processing and bill payment
  • Margin analysis to improve profit
  • Cash flow consulting to improve sales
  • Workflow analysis to improve efficiency and profitability

All plans include

Client support (Email, phone & virtual)

  • Cloud base service

    Access your data at all-time and free of charge if you need a copy of your information.

  • Professional support

    Top-notch, timely & friendly service promise. We're just a phone call away if you need anything

  • Reliability

    We are professionals with good judgment who are able to maintain confidentiality with sensitive information.

  • Availability

    Don't need to book an appointment if you ever need to reach out, we're available 7 days a week.

  • Exceptional service

    We are diligent and detail oriented with integrity and professionalism at all times.

  • Free consultation

    Award-Winning Service and 5-star rated on Google.

Get started for free, free consultation

We are all about keeping you happy, meeting your deadlines, and making sure you business runs smoothly all year round. Top tax and consulting firm featuring affordable pricing in accounting, tax forms preparation like IRS 1040s, schedule A, C, D, E, IRS 1120, IRS 1120S & IRS 1065. Hablamos Español, 

Frequently asked questions

If you don't find what you are looking for, feel free to reach out to us.

Can I access my accounting data online?

You will be able to access your accounting data, anytime, anywhere, on a real time basis.

Do you offer remote services?

We are 100% cloud based and 100% paperless.  We offer scheduled virtual/phone conference collaboration.

Is this a CPA firm?

We are tax preparers, with active PTIN, we do participate in the Annual Filling Season Program (AFSP), but no professional credentials, we are authorized to prepare tax returns and have limited representation rights, meaning we can represent clients whose returns we prepared and signed, but only before revenue agents, customer service representatives, and similar IRS employees, including the Taxpayer Advocate Service.

Do you prepare individual income taxes?

Yes, we do prepare both individual and business tax returns. We have been doing taxes for over 7 years. 

What other services do you offer?

We offer a variety of services to including ,but not limited to; business consulting, entity selection and structure, business decisions, technology consulting and so on.